We love watching our puppies grow and develop in their new families.  We are fortunate to be in contact with many of our families and enjoy sharing updated pics of our puppies.  We are updating this page as we get new pics in, please continue to check back!

Nadira Coco + Optimus Prime

Chunk went home to a young couple in Costa Mesa, CA.  Chunk is now a San Diego Chargers fan:) Chunk's mom grew up with English Bulldogs in her life and this great couple now has a big beautiful boy to share their lives with.

Abi went home to a very nice young Navy couple in San Diego, who by amazing chance, lived in the same apartment complex as the owner of another one of our bulldogs from the same litter.  Their puppies saw each other in the yard and recognized each other right away.  Abi has a big brother American Bulldog and enjoying her life.

Hunny Pie

Hunny Pie went home to a great couple in San Diego.  Hunny now has a big brother and we're excited that they expanded their family to include a puppy from one of our current litters.  Hunny has become a beautiful bulldog, very sweet and playful.  We've been fortunate enough to have her and her family visit us so we can see how she's grown.