Raising bulldog puppies is more fun than you can imagine. Our day starts with cleaning their kennels from overnight "damage." Then begins feeding and water, followed by play time, followed by "damage control", followed by nap time. Rinse and repeat.  Even though some parts are not as much fun as the others, we thoroughly enjoy these brief puppy seasons. The most challenging part of what we do is finding wonderful homes for our puppies.  

For the first few weeks we get up in the middle of the night for feedings; when they're small and can't reach their nipples, we hold them by hand while they nurse; we carry and love each puppy so they bond with people; and some of them just steal our hearts. For these reasons we try hard to find families that will give our puppies good homes. We continue to be blessed with great people who love our puppies as much as we do.

Ryne and his bulldog Abi

"Adopting from the Sands family was an awesome experience over all. Super friendly, down to earth people who have a very genuine love for dogs. I bought my baby girl named Abi from them around November 2014 and she has been one of the best dogs I've ever owned. Quick learner, had potty training down relatively quickly, taught her many tricks, and super friendly with all other animals, even cats. The most surprising thing about Abi is her energy level, never owning a bulldog before had me under the foolish impression they were just lazy piles of wrinkles. Oh how she has proved me wrong. I've done 5ks with her, hiking and plenty of beach runs. She has always been in perfect health and never had any breathing issues or allergies. I'm so happy I purchased Abi from this awesome couple and would do so over again in a heartbeat!"

Paul & Lisa Wilson and their bulldog Romeo

"After the heartbreak of losing both our female bulldogs over the summer, we adopted our beautiful Romeo Beeblebox from Jacqueline and Jayden Sands after a chance meeting with one of their stunning bulldogs, Monroe. We were immediately impressed with the promptness of their response to our inquiry.  When we visited the litters and their mothers, it was obvious these beauties are very loved and receive excellent care.  The adult dogs, and puppies, are well-socialized and it was a joy to be able to meet all of them. During the three weeks until Romeo was old enough to come home with us, we received updates, photos and videos documenting his growth which helped us anticipate bringing him home even more!  Although Romeo has just recently arrived, I wanted to let anyone reading this to know - you've landed exactly where you should!  Thank you, Martin, Jacqueline and Monroe!  Love, Paul, Lisa and Romeo Beeblebox Wilson"

Chelsea & Family and their bulldog Chunk

"I was very impressed by the cleanliness and quality of care provided by Jayden and Jacqueline at Creative Bulldogs. They are loving and caring towards the bulldogs and clearly dog lovers who take the best possible care of their dogs and their puppies. We brought home Chunk and instantly fell in love. He is perfect! He is now 2 years old and in perfect health. We were new to the bulldog breed and Jayden and Jacqueline were very adamant about making sure we understood the additional care necessary to care for him. (Which we very much appreciated). They even provided contact information just in case we had questions after taking him home. We have fell in love with the bulldog breed and when we decide we need another perfect bulldog in our home, we are sure to come back!"