We are very pleased to announce that all of Coco's puppies have gone home to wonderful families. We are expecting the arrival of the first litter from Calla Katie in November. If you are interested in adopting a bulldog puppy in the future, please send us an email from the "Contact" page and we will notify you when we know she is expecting.  If you have any questions about the breed, our girls, or our breeding program, please email us or call or text us. We are more than happy to answer any questions.

A HUGE thank you to all of our families that adopted puppies from this litter. We have been blessed again to know that our puppies have gone to good homes!

Nadira Coco + Caramelo Snickers

Coco gave birth to seven healthy puppies, four girls and three boys on April 12, 2015.   Their father is Caramelo Snickers, a cuddly chocolate tricolor English Bulldog. Coco turns three this August and this litter is her second and last litter. She is now enjoying her retirement, which consist mostly of playing Keep Away with her younger sisters Katie and Merit, playing Jiu Jitsu with Martin, and heated games of Tug-of-War with the nautical rope that hangs from our tree. 

Nadira Coco, our athletic 2 1/2 year old bulldog. 

Nadira Coco, our athletic 2 1/2 year old bulldog. 

Coco on the far left with Monroe and Lola.

Coco on the far left with Monroe and Lola.

Our litter is full of happy little pups, some more cuddly, others more playful. We're enjoying watching them grow, training them, and all the laughs that come watching little puppies try to run on linoleum:)

Lucky (male) is no longer available. He went home with his sister Leia and hopefully providing hours of entertainment to their new family.

Maverick is our sweet little boy, loves cuddling with his brothers and sisters. He will demand your attention and reward you with lots of puppy kisses.

Leia (female) went home with her brother Lucky.

Xandria is a very spirited puppy, loves chasing your hands and running after her brother Maverick. She is very comfortable around bigger dogs and kids. She will be perfect in a full family.

Chunk (male) is no longer available.

Bandit went home to a very nice family where he'll grow up and be best buddies with a young boy and have an older Weinerdog brother.

Mr Peabody (male) is no longer available. Peabody ( now known as Bosley) was our calmest, sweetest boy and will get to grow up with two rambunctious young boys. 

Mr Peabody is our largest, sweetest, mellowest boy. If you want a lap dog, this is your guy. If you pick him up up, he'll snuggle into you and lay on your chest indefinitely. 

Galaxy (female) is no longer available.

Little Merit (female) is no longer available.

Sweet Pea (female) is no longer available.