Merit is the leader of the pack. She and her litter mate sister Katie are inseperable.  When Merit wants to play (which is most of the time) the bullies play. When Merit wants to go explore a new area, they all follow her. She is the friendliest bully and doesn't hesitate to approach people or other animals.  She loves to horse around and kicks up her feet, shuffles around, and barks at us when she wants attention.  Merit is a naturally large female, weighing almost 70 pounds but very active, she loves running up the slide and chasing a ball.


Katie is our surprise puppy.  We didn't intend on keeping two from one litter...but we fell in love with her. She was the one puppy who didn't bark at us during meal time or growl at us for attention. However, she always loved attention and follows Martin around wherever he goes.  We couldn't help but keep her. She loves to run and jump over the other bullies. Or through them.  She can sometimes run into her sisters at just the right angle and make them do a barrel roll. She usually kicks up her heels for no reason and sprints around the yard.  Her favorite game is tug-of-war with the nautical rope we have hanging from the tree in our yard.


Our little girl Shelby, the baby of the pack.  Our big girls have let Shelby chew on them, take their ball, basically have her way and now she thinks she's the boss.  She's a sweetheart though, loves visiting people and laying on her back in the yard.  She's Jayden's little sidekick, following him from room to room, we couldn't ask for a sweeter girl.


Tatiana is Merit's daughter from her first litter. Tatiana and her twin brother were both born with a crystal blue eye. She's very bratty and inseparable from her little sister Devin, whom she seems to believe belongs to her.  Tatiana's (and Devin's) favorite game is Rope Time, they both will jump up and grab the hanging nautical rope with their jaws and swing, sometimes both at the same time.


Devin is the newest addition to our bulldog family.  Devin is from Shelby's second litter, just six months younger than Tatiana and the absolute nicest bully we've ever had.  She and Tatiana are best buddies, in fact, Tatiana has informally adopted her as her own personal bulldog and won't allow anyone to get too rough with her.  Devin is always down to play and Keep Away is her favorite game. She'll run circle for hours with a tennis ball, trying to get anyone to try and take it from her.  She plays hard and loves hard.