Alta Merit + Rembombory Kazuya

We no longer have puppies available from this litter.  They all went home to wonderful new families and are hopefully bringing them lots of joy along with lots of sighs from potty accidents, chewed furniture and shoes, and barking :)

Alta Merit took Labor Day Weekend literally and went into labor Sunday afternoon. After a couple frantic phone calls as Merit panted excessively while trying to make a nest in our bedroom, we got Merit to the vet and they helped her deliver seven amazing puppies.  We have four girls and three boys.  Merit is a dark red brindle that carries the Blue gene. She was mated to Rembombory Kazuya, the son of the world champion from Spain Rembombory Trichet.  Merit's babies all have a beautiful red and fawn coats, some with the brindle pattern and two with sable coats.  

Atticus (male) is no longer available. He will be going home to a very sweet Marine couple stationed at Camp Pendleton. We're very excited that we finally have a Marine Corp family bring the USMC mascot into their home:)

Atticus is one of three boys from this litter.  He has a red brindle coat with white head and a brown brindle patch on his neck and over his left eye.  Atticus always wants attention and to be held. He is a large boy and very sweet. He's not afraid to rough house with the bigger puppies and would be great with a family who already has a pet.

Julius (male) is no longer available.  Julius went home with his sister Flavia to a very sweet man who's life had previously been filled with an English Bulldog and a Pug.  Although he initially wanted to bring home sisters, Julius' gentle way with his little sister Flavia won him over.

Julius is our largest male.  He has a beautiful brindle coat with a white head and a blue left eye. Julius loves the simple pleasures in life: eating, being held, being playful with his siblings. This little guy will wants lots of attention from his new family. Julius is also on the stubborn side so lots of patience will be key in training him. However, he's not unruly, just very laid back and mellow; picking him up is like picking up a wet noodle,  If we could keep a male, this would be our boy.

Romeo (formerly known as Roman) is no longer available. Romeo went home to a wonderful couple who to become a beach bum bulldog.  This couple, too recently, lost their beloved bulldogs.  But their hearts are still full of love and their beloved bulldogs will be the angels looking over Romeo as he follows in the path they laid before him.

Pixie Stix Sassy Pants (formerly known as Cassia) is no longer available.  This sweet girl has gone home, along with her sister Tutti Frutti, to a family that has previously adopted from us. Their big bulldog sister Hunny Pie has stepped up to the challenge of showing Pixie Stix and Tuttie Frutti the ropes, showing them how to drink water from the bowl, playing the bitey face game, and how to be a lap dogs.

Pixie Stix is one of four girls in this litter.  She has a dark brown sable coat with a white head and small gray spot on her crown.  Pixie Stix is snuggle bug for sure and prefers being held when she gets the chance, then plays with her siblings when there's not a lap available:)

Flavia (female) is no longer available.  She went home with her big brother Julius:)  Flavia's doe eyes have always drawn us in and were so endearing to her new dad that he decided to open his heart to our big boy Julius because he really wanted a pair of siblings.

Flavia has a beautiful brown coat with black markings and a brown patch over her left eye.  She is very playful and will play hard with her big brothers and sisters. She even loves calling out the full grown bulldogs to play. She's very vocal when she wants to play and also demanding when she wants to be held.  Flavia is growing up to be a lap dog.  She will spend most of her time in our laps while the others are playing.  But when she does get down to play, she goes after the biggest boy she can find and will try to leap over him to get his attention.  

Tutti Frutti Fancy Pants (formerly known as Laurentia) is no longer available.  Tutti went home with her sister Pixie Stix to the nicest bulldog family!  Tutti had a difficult time in her first few weeks of life and needed lots of love and extra attention.  Her new family knew that we were looking for a special family that would continue to give her that little something extra and their hearts were drawn to her. 

Laurentia has a beautiful fawn brindle coat with a full white face. She's our smallest female and full of energy.  Her small size hasn't kept her from using her voice or from playing with her bigger siblings. This little girl doesn't let anyone push her around.  While she enjoys being cuddled, she doesn't ask for much attention, preferring instead to run around with her siblings, looking for trouble.

Tatiana (female) is no longer available.  Tatiana's laid back attitude and calm nature are what we've been looking for in adding another girl to our family.  Besides her physical beauty, her sweetness and playfulness captured our hearts and we can't stand to part with her.

Tatiana is our biggest girl.  Beautiful red brindle coat with a full white face and a tiny brown patch on her left ear.  Tatiana is a laid back puppy who walks around observing her siblings, then deciding who she wants to play with.  She will play by herself for a while then come see what the others are up to.